Intensive Onsite Retreat in Ireland:
Immersion in Light
3rd through 5th October 2017

Retreats are an opportunity to deepen your experience of silence. To slow down and really listen. To experience grace directly and entrain yourself to the ineffable brightness of being. There is a deep mystical tradition of entrainment by direct transmission. A retreat is an opportunity to receive such transmissions, from the facilitator and from the land, and to more deeply embody these frequencies.

This very special retreat offered by Nalini is an intensive immersion in Divine Light. Are you ready to be the light you love? The love your light holds? How does the land you live on, and the natural world that surrounds you, become your ally in this embodiment and how can you support the love, the light and the land as well? These questions and more will be discussed during this retreat as you are immersed in the infinite fields of light. There are still places in this world where the land is held in reverence and treated as the mystical ally it truly is. In Ireland, SHE bids us gather, where the beings of light still freely dance.

rainbow at the cliffs
the burren

Retreat Costs and Details

The price for this retreat is $1,200 per person.

Airfare and other travel expenses are not included. 

A non-refundable deposit of $250 will hold a place for you. Please indicate your interest as soon as possible, as space is limited to 10 participants.

Final date to receive payment in full is 15 July 2017.

Price includes:

  • afternoon and evening gatherings on the 3rd, beginning at 12 noon with lunch
  • morning and evening gatherings on the 4th with time between for grounding the energies
  • morning gathering on the 5th
  • accommodation for a two-night stay in a twin room (double occupancy)
  • two or three vegetarian meals per day (lunch/dinner on the 3rd, three meals on the 4th, breakfast/lunch on the 5th)
  • self service refreshments for the duration of your stay

Checkin on the morning of 3rd October.

Checkout time at the Boghill Centre is by 11AM on the 5th October.

Specific schedule will be posted at the centre on arrival as it will undoubtedly be a bit flexible. For those whose flights arrive early, it may be possible to check in on the evening of the 2nd if arranged with Boghill ahead of time, space available.

Information on the centre can be found at the following links: and Please use the contact link at the top of this page for any questions and use this link to register for the retreat.

Did you ever see the film Braveheart? Remember the ‘mad Irishman’ who states “It’s MY island!” ? SHE says he was speaking for HER. It’s HER island!

This will be amazing! I hope you will consider joining us!

wildflowers burren